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Because your past does not determine your future, we navigate your uncharted career.


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Many senior executives dread going to work and want more from the last decades of their career.  By identifying what is best in you, True Bearing gives you the confidence and know how to jump into meaningful, invigorating work, that makes a difference and provides you with a life of distinction.


Because your past does not determine your future - we navigate your uncharted career.

It is easy to fall into the trap of defining our view of future exclusively based on what we have done in the past. Most organizations define people the same way. It’s a perfect storm that limits opportunity and keeps people in a prison of predictability. In the knowledge economy, the rules are different.  So, your job search must be different.


That’s why we the created the Lifeline to Legacy program – a purpose centered approach to the job search that opens up opportunities and allows you to discover hidden openings while making a powerful case for your candidacy. 

At True Bearing we understand the psychology behind hiring decisions.  We use that expertise to position our clients in a way that their value can be appreciated and recognized to fill the need.

True Bearing Coaching takes a stand for your transformative career.  We know that your life’s purpose is your beacon and that’s where we start. From a clear understanding of what you are most called to do, your unique value, and what brings you joy, we chart your extraordinary journey.

The Lifeline to Legacy Program


Identifying Your True Bearing: 
Discovery and Positioning

You don’t know exactly what you want, who wants you, and how to get them interested, and you’re left demoralized, constantly fighting a headwind. By uncovering what you’re best at, what you enjoy doing, and your purpose, True Bearing gives you everything you need to present a highly compelling candidacy to the right people, at the right time.

Charting the Course:
Ideal Role Strategy and Execution

Getting in front of your ideal employer is painful, fraught with time wasters and hidden pitfalls. True Bearing elevates your efforts, so your outreach produces results, and you become coveted amongst the people who want to hire you.


Sailing into New Harbors:
Interviewing and Transition

The final stretch from interview to offer is fraught with hidden obstacles you need to navigate, all while managing anxiety and anticipation. True Bearing gives you an unfair advantage with extraordinary insight into the hiring process. We orchestrate due diligence while guiding you through interviews, salary negotiation, and your first six months on the job. You have worked hard to get here, and we will ensure this next move honors your purpose and goals.

Peter Laughter

Hello, I am Peter Laughter and I recognize that we are all, profoundly connected to one another. When those connections are recognized and raised up my humanity is capable of wonderful things. My life’s purpose is to make those connections apparent in our day to day interactions.  Yet we live in a world where two thirds of people are disengaged with their work.  I think it is a crime that the majority of us spend a third waking lives doing something that is draining and unfulfilling.  What’s more, the current age presents a paradox in which we are asked to take on challenges never before seen yet are judged by past actions. With my 25 years in recruiting I have an uncommon understanding of the job search process and the psychology of hiring.  That, coupled with a high degree of empathy allow me to guide your uncharted path to a joyous and fulfilling career.  But more than anything, I love riding the Cyclone with my daughter, Eddy.


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