• Val Kirilova & Peter Laughter

True Bearing - Navigate Your Uncharted Career

So, we are 6 months into this bizarre time, and we all want to feel like our lives are settling into a semblance of “normal.” But just because we are getting accustomed to our circumstances, it doesn’t change the fact that things are deeply disrupted. We have all had to reengineer our lives while facing uncertainty, amidst a relentless stream of frightening news. Those of us lucky enough to have the ability to work remotely have been juggling childcare and education, a steady stream of interruptions from family working right next to us or facing significant isolation.

Many of us are doing a bang-up job and getting by – but increasingly, almost all of us are questioning whether it is worth it. This crisis has interrupted a life that we’re not sure we want to live, and that does not serve us. As six-year-olds, none of us aspired to staring at a laptop propped up on our washing machines for 9 hours a day. Hard-won career success starts to feel hollow in comparison to the magnitude of the world’s problems. Some of us are beginning to look at our legacy: years from now when we are asked “what did you do, in 2020, to make the world a better place,” what will we say?

On the other side of all this struggle there is a lot we have gained. In April, a friend in New Delhi noticed that she could regularly see the blue sky as the omnipresent smog had lifted and normally congested streets were quiet. On many days Peter has been able to have lunch with his 17-year-old daughter, at an age when most teenagers ignore their parents. Val, like many of her friends, has taken on and achieved formerly elusive fitness goals. We are all cognizant of how precious face to face time is with those we cherish.

This is a time to consider what we want to keep and what we want to let go of forever. If anything, the time of COVID has called us all to consciously reflect how we might structure our lives to achieve a higher degree of satisfaction.

And for you, that might include rethinking your career.

Despite a long history of accomplishment, perhaps you have been following the inertia of a decision you made in your twenties. You are successful, and likely well-compensated, but increasingly convinced that this isn’t worth doing for the next 10 years.

For that reason, we are proud to announce the launch of True Bearing Coaching.

True Bearing is born out of an understanding that we are bigger than our past. It is possible to see a bigger future that incorporates the whole of us – our passion, experience, ambition, and needs – and create something that we can look back on with pride.

In our experience, a clear articulation of life’s purpose is the best lens to discern future destinations. That is where we start the journey to a process that will articulate your value and allow you to orchestrate an uncharted career. We are looking forward to taking the journey with you.

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